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Hole #17
Par 5
Champion - 515 yds
Men - 500 yds
Seniors - 440 yds
Women - 415 yds

A New Way To Buy A Home

The Village of Sugar Creek offers a new opportunity in buying a home. The benefits to the buyer are different every time a Program For Buying is offered.

The day/night of A Program For Buying is offered to the public for qualified buyers of single-family homes and condos in accordance with the Village of Sugar Creek Guidelines. *

The benefits include:

• A Realtor Discount of 2%

• A Builder Discount

• A Developer Discount

• A Bank Discount

• A 5-year membership for unlimited play at Golf At Sugar Creek

Additional benefits offered the day/night of A Program For Buying include:

• A spectacular savings on a golf-cart, kitchen, bath, siding, roof, cupboards, garage organizer, inside lighting, generator, deck, windows, landscaping, patio grill, landscaping, flat screen-TV, a family membership to the YMCA

One final inducement for serious homebuyers:

• A cruise of your dreams in the Caribbean Ocean.

Scholarships For New Home Buyers

You don't have to have all A's on a grade card but you must be curious, confident of your future and desire to live with indoor and outdoor beauty. If you have these qualities then you will be rewarded in a number of ways that will make you a smart homebuyer.

Curious—Is the housing market something that really favors me? Now is the best time to purchase a home without question unless you believe that the world may come to an end in 90 days. Low interest rates, great homes that were built for an expanding market that need to be moved on the market, special pricing and at the Village of Sugar Creek some special promises that are only available in the Village.

Confident—Do I believe our future will be as good or better than it is today. Will I have an income, investments, insurance and a home that will fit our needs? Without explaining the whole free market system we live in a time when we have high employment, great markets and a promising future. While the housing market is down, it is down because of enormous inventory. This is a buyers market and while it is bound to change within months this is a great time to own something really special in a very special location.

Desire—Do I want to live where I can see and hear the birds, take walks on trails, fish in my own pond, and have neighbors that are private but very friendly. Will I enjoy a new home with new appliances, new heat and air conditioning, beautifully designed kitchens and baths and a master bedroom that I always dreamed about? Do I want to sit in my four-season room and enjoy the brilliant sunlight, the gentle rain and enjoy snacks with friends?

Will I enjoy the presence of a beautifully manicured golf course, wonderful trees, landscaped entrances, lighted fountains, winding trails and neighborhood cookouts?

Prove It—Can Village At Sugar Creek prove to me that this is the best time for me to buy a lot or build a home? Will I have a quality builder, will the prices reflect the times in which we live and can I will I have special pricing if I decide to build within the next 30 days?

The Village At Sugar Creek has a special sales program that meets every time there is a minimum of five prospective buyers. At that program there are amazing discounts shared with buyers, there are memberships that cannot be had in any other development and there are special gifts, buyer's choice, up to $5,000.00 for every buyer. There is a wonderful special gift given to every buyer that will seal the deal.

Simply call CCR Realtors and enlist in the next buyers meeting. Ask Carol and she will provide you with all of the details. Remember if you are curious, confident and have real desire you are a candidate for the last home you will ever want to have.