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Live In Me ;)


I am sending this notice to friends, acquaintances, and some selected visitors. I am a condo, a beautiful condo, unlived in, recently built, with friendly neighbors in a gorgeous setting. With me comes a 5-year membership to a great golf course and no outside maintenance to either my brick or siding exterior. This free maintenance extends to the roof that will always be paid for by the association that protects me. No more grass cutting, mulching, trimming, edging, bagging or shoveling will be required by a happy occupant. All of this is included in the offer I am about to make.

I am located in the Village of Sugar Creek on Couples Lane. I have been completely landscaped, there are woods to at the end of my backyard and I have a beautifully painted front door. My garage is spacious and I have a wonderful area, too nice to be called a basement, for storage or to be finished as an additional room. The back of the house that faces the woods has a lovely porch that can be converted to a 4-season room if desired.

The people that have cared for me in a most gracious way are leaving on a trip across the United States in the near future. Before leaving they have consulted with me and we agree that I should have a full-time couple or family living in my quarters.

This is what I am offering. I am worth more than $250,000 on the market if I have the patience to sit and wait. I don't want to wait. I want someone to decorate me for Christmas, to entertain during the football season and to play golf in the best months of the summer and fall.

Instead of asking you to spend what I am worth I am putting myself up for bid like the pretty lady and her decorated lunch box. If you have a minimum of $203,000 in savings or a bank that will loan you the money I will take your bid. I would like to bring more and so we are having a silent bid. Send your name and the bid you would like to make, nothing less that $203,000 to this email address…

If you bid on me now we will avoid any realtor fees. When my caregivers return home and I am still their responsibility I will be turned over to a realtor. So, take a drive out to Couples Lane and I will be easily seen. If you need directions please call this number 419-236-3718. Thank you and I hope that you like me.